Shelford CEOs give evidence to Lords Committee on NHS Sustainability

by Shelford Group
15 Nov 2016

Sir Mike Deegan, Dame Julie Moore and Sir Andrew Cash presented their views on the long term sustainability of the NHS to the Lords Select Committee on 15 November 2016.

They were giving evidence in person to expand on the written submission of the Shelford Group [available here]. Among other things, they argued for increased funding for health and social care to cope with fast rising demand for health services.

The Shelford CEOs also made the case for increasing the number of health professionals in training to increase the supply of staff in the longer term, as well as equipping them for new professional roles. They demonstrated their firm commitment to the long term of the NHS, but set out their concerns about how that sustainability is under pressure from an unprecedented funding squeeze. 

You can find the supplementary evidence that the Shelford CEOs submitted after their oral evidence session here

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