The Shelford Group respond to the Dalton Review

The Shelford Group respond to Sir David Dalton's Review of "Options for providers of NHS Care"
22 Dec 2014

The Shelford Group respond to Sir David Dalton's Review of "Options for providers of NHS Care"

"The Shelford Group welcomes the publication of the Dalton Review. The steps it outlines towards tackling failure in the system and strengthening quality of care across the board complement our achievements and ambitions for our own organisations.  It is vital that collaborative solutions are sought to ensure that failure is prevented, and where found, it is dealt with and turned around swiftly and efficiently. As argued by Sir David Dalton, there is a clear role for organisations such as those in the Shelford Group and esteemed peers across the NHS to play in developing and implementing these solutions.

The five key principles of the Dalton Review seek to reduce the unacceptable variation in healthcare provision across the country. It is now widely accepted that collaboration, rather than competition, is the only way to raise standards across the health system, whilst ensuring that it remains financially sustainable.  These are tenets the Shelford Group strongly supports, and we warmly welcome the increasing national and local recognition of the need to work more closely within local health economies, to achieve both higher standards of care and financial efficiency.

We look forward to working with our partners across the health system to explore ways to efficiently implement the vision outlined in the Dalton Review, in conjunction with the complementary models in the Five-Year Forward View. By moving from outdated organisational silo models and responding to the needs of our increasingly complex and ageing patient population, we believe we can work more cohesively towards managing and alleviating the growing pressures on the NHS."

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