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About us

The Shelford Group is a collaboration between ten of the largest teaching and research NHS hospital trusts in England.


These ten NHS trusts provide a comprehensive range of services from community care for local populations, to highly specialised care for patients nationwide. Together they account for over £12.5 billion of the NHS budget, care for around 17 million patients a year, employ over 140,000 staff and account for two thirds of the country’s clinical research infrastructure.

Formed in 2011, the Shelford Group works with national leaders to inform life science, health and social care policy – connecting policy makers with the frontline NHS. Collectively its members are strategically significant to the NHS nationally, the UK’s life sciences industry and the wider UK economy. They are dedicated to excellence in clinical research, education and patient care.

Serving a local population of over eight million, member trusts run local NHS hospitals for their immediate communities and are also specialist centres of excellence for patients from further afield with complex medical conditions such as rare cancers and genetic disorders. They are also centres of academic excellence training the healthcare workforce of the future.

Shelford Group trusts are ‘anchor’ institutions for their regions – providing a major source of employment, creating demand for goods and services offered by UK businesses and generating economic growth through local innovation and life sciences communities. They are also system leaders in the provision of integrated health and social care, actively developing integrated care systems, leading sustainability and transformation partnerships, hospital groups and speciality networks across their regions.

The Shelford Group shares learning between members and initiates joint projects for large-scale improvement in the NHS. The Group works in partnership with other organisations, including leading think tanks, membership bodies and government departments on national policy priorities. Its aim is to improve outcomes for the populations its members serve directly and those served by the wider health and social care system.

The Group is led by its member chief executives and has active sub-groups for chief nurses, medical directors, finance directors and other executives. In addition, a spectrum of professional groups provide a valuable source of expertise across chief pharmacists, allied health professionals and research and development communities.

The Co-Chairs of the Shelford Group are Dame Jackie Daniel, Chief Executive of Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Roland Sinker, Chief Executive of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.